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Dedicated Warehousing Partnership:

Empowering Growth with Customized Solutions for C.H. Robinson’s End Customers

NorthPoint Fresh is a trusted and dedicated warehousing partner for C.H. Robinson, delivering customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of their end customers. Our collaborative approach and customer-centric focus empower C.H. Robinson to unlock growth opportunities and provide exceptional value. Together, we drive mutual success and fuel continuous growth.
Our Partnership with C.H. Robinson

Embracing complexity with ease, our warehousing solutions, in partnership with CH Robinson, reflect innovation and dedication.

Navisphere Integration & Single Point of Sale

Our use of C.H. Robinson technology via Navisphere gives end customers full end-to-end supply chain visibility. This delivers unparalleled differentiation and unmatched value to end customers. They now have the ability to have one single point of sale ultimately removing complexity.


Our partnership with C.H. Robinson is characterized by a high level of collaboration, where both organizations work closely together to achieve common goals. We engage in open and frequent communication, sharing information, insights, and strategies to optimize our joint operations.

Customized Solutions

We collaborate closely with C.H. Robinson to design and deliver customized solutions that go above and beyond expectations. With the presence of on-site C.H. Robinson representation, we have the unique capability to rapidly develop tailored solutions that are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.
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Strategic Collaboration: C.H. Robinson and NorthPoint Development

C.H. Robinson, widely considered one of the best logistics and supply chain companies in the world, is our partner. NorthPoint Development, ranked the #1 Industrial Developer in the U.S. in 2022, is our partner.
The NorthPoint Fresh vision is to build and operate a national multi-temperature warehousing network dedicated to driving growth for our partnerships. We utilize the C.H. Robinson technology base giving customers a seamless real-time view of their products in motion and at rest through our integrated supply chain. We use NorthPoint Development’s portfolio of properties to provide access to growth flexibility when designing supply chain solutions.
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